About de Klarinet

About de Klarinet

De Klarinet started in March 1999 as a magazine for clarinet players (both professionals, students and amateurs) in Belgium and the Netherlands. It has since appeared every two months. The magazine is available outside these two countries, but is only in Dutch. Recently, in November 2011, de Klarinet also started publishing clarinet sheet music. These are mainly works that have been composed for special occasions, but have only been played once or twice. De Klarinet has no commercial goal, but we hope to publish a lot of quality works, in order to make these available all over the world and also believe that composers fo arrangers should receive a lot more than the 5 or 10% they usually receive from the big publishers.  
If you wish to receive more information or have any questions, please contact us. If you are a composer or arranger and are interested in de Klarinet and our very good conditions (such as 30% for the composer/arranger), you are also encouraged to contact.  

Karin Vrieling
(editor and publisher de Klarinet) 

Categorie: Clarinet sheet music


  • Shipment to: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan and other countries

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