Four Miniatures for Clarinet Quartet

Four Miniatures for Clarinet Quartet

Klarinet bladmuziek: four miniatures

clarinet quartet (3 b-flat/bass)

Bert Heikema 

€ 30,00



Based on a motive of four tones related to the B.A.C.H. motive, Dutch composer and (classical) guitar player Bert Heikema has composed four short pieces for clarinet quartet. They are four concise and surprising gems alternating between fast - slow- fast - slow. Every part showcases a different member of the quartet while the other three players comment his or her melodic lead. The piece is a challenge rhythmically, but offers great rewards once mastered. 
This composition was premiered on 15 December 1996 in the Groningen Synagogue by the Arghul Clarinet Quartet, which commisioned the piece.  

instrumentation: 3 (b-flat) clarinet and bass clarinet (until low E-flat),
skill level (range A-D): C+
duration: appr. 4'.

Categorie: ROOT

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