The Skating Bear for Four Clarinets

The Skating Bear for 4 Clarinets

bladmuziek the skating bear

 4 clarinets

 Ivar Römer

 € 17,00



Dutch clarinetplayer and composer Ivar Römer composed The Skating Bear at a young age, in 1977: 'Once, as a 12-year old sitting in the back of my parent's car, I thought of a melody with 'chord colouring'. I saw an image with it as well. It was of a winter scene of a bear happily skating around on the ice. I had for some years had a lot of fun playing the clarinet, listened to classical music and was very envious of composers like Mozart, who had written his first minuets as an 8-year old prodigy.' The Skating Bear can also be viewd as a bear on a skateboard, so it also suits a summer scene!
The Skating Bear is a happily swinging carefree little ditty, with exciting moments of pressure in the middle part, in which both the lowest as the highest notes of the clarinet are usede. Because of the higher notes in the 2nd voice, an e-flat part has been added.  

Skill level is (on a range from A until D) B/C (most parts for B+, buth the higher notes in de 2nd part make this level C).  
Duration: appr. 2'30

Ivar Römer studied clarinet with Reinier Hogerheijde and conducting with Lex van Diepen at the Groningen conservatory. He conducted various concert bands, for which he also wrote and arranged music. He teaches at his own clarinet school ( and various other institutes of musical education in the Northern part of The Netherlands.

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