Parade for Clarinet Choir and Marimba's

Parade for Clarinet Choir



Clarinet choir + 2 marimba's

Bert Heikema 

€ 40,00



Parade for Clarinet Choir and Duo of Marimbas (2011) is a new composition by the Dutch composer and (classical) guitar player Bert Heikema. Parade is really a party piece, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the clarinet choir Clarinets Unlimited (from Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands). This clarinet choir commisioned the composition in 2011 and premiered it on 26 November 2011 in Groningen with the two young and talented marimba players Arjan Jongsma en Coen Dijkstra.
The rondo-like form of the composition allows the piece to zap back and forth between a variety of musical styles, creating the impresssion of a parade. The piece includes a number of dansante sections, so that it can also be called a compact dance suite. The unity of the composition is safeguarded by the fact that all sections derive from the first motive we hear in the piece: a 'classic' rising fourth followed by a more 'bluesy' falling third and a diminshed fifth. The piece shoul be played at a brisk, festive pace, which presents a rhythmical challenge for every part.

Instrumentation: e-flat clarinet, b-flat clarinet 1-3, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet and/or contra alto clarinet (all low instruments until low e-flat), marimba 1 & 2.
Skill level (A-D): C+
Duration: appr. 6'.

Categorie: ROOT

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